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Care for Magnetics

Tips for the correct use of magnetic vehicle signs.


The surfaces of both the vehicle and the magnetic signs must be dry and free of dust. It is important that magnetic signs be removed regularly, ideally every two or three days, cleaned, dried and re-positioned onto the vehicle.

Hold the magnetic sign above the appropriate surface and let go (place carefully); do not slide (prevents scratches).

Avoid placing the sign on contoured parts of the bodywork. All edges must be in contact with the steel panels.

Do not apply over decorative mouldings or sharp contoured folds.

Avoid using the sign on newly painted surfaces, as solvents in the paint can cause the sign to "stick" with possible damage occurring.

Never apply the magnetic sign to a newly sprayed, painted or polished surface; let the paintwork harden properly first.

Clean with a mild detergent only; never use aggressive cleaning agents.

Do not forget the target surface; a layer of dirt considerably reduces the magnetic adhesive power. Make sure all surfaces are always clean.


The magnetic sign must be stored against a flat metal cabinet or wall (never against a heater or a contoured surface), to avoid the sign gathering airborne ferrous dust.

Do not leave it loose in the vehicle; the material may become deformed.

Do not roll up tightly, always very loosely with the magnetic side facing inwards.


In summer temperatures and where there is continuous use of the magnetic sign on the vehicle over many days, under certain conditions they may become stuck to the paintwork.

To avoid this risk, the magnetic signs should be removed when not being used or at night.

During the day take off the magnetic plates at least once and re-attach them.

If the signs are attached to surfaces of vehicles which have obviously been filled or sprayed several times, this will considerably reduce the magnetic adhesive power.

The plastic film is sensitive to pressure; handle with great care.

Cracks and tears can occur only as a result of careless handling.

We will not acknowledge claims for damages or consequential loss resulting from non-compliance with the above points.