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Vinyl Application

Equipment needed:

Strong Cleaner/Degreaser, Cloth, Masking Tape, Tape Measure, Plastic Squeegee, Craft Knife, Needle


Before any application, make sure all surfaces are clean. Then postion the graphic onto surface placing masking tape tabs either side.


With the help of masking tape, make a horizontal hinge on the top, preferably on a flat surface.


Remove the liner gradually by tensioning it towards the lower end.


Start sticking the vinyl with a squeegee, making a 45 angle and applying from the centre to the edges.


Press down hard over the entire surface to avoid leaving bubbles underneath the vinyl, not forgeting the edges.


Finally peel back the left application tape, keeping the angle as small as possible from the surface to avoid lifting the vinyl.


  • If a bubble should unfortunately remain, do not cut them but pierce them with a needle.
  • Larger graphics can be cut into sections (avoiding cutting into the vinyl) once the hinge is in place, making it easier to apply.