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Vinyl Removal

Equipment needed:

Tar & Glue Remover, Strong Cleaner/Degreaser, Cloth, Heat Gun/Hair Dryer


Gently heat the vinyl with either a heat gun or hair dryer keeping a good distance from the surface to avoid scorching.


Once the vinyl has warmed up & the glue has loosened, with a finger gently peel back a corner of the vinyl.


Pull the vinyl towards the starting corner (not away) to avoid leaving glue behind.


If glue has been left on the surface, with a cloth apply Tar & Glue Remover to the effected areas. Leave to soak for 5 minutes.


Finally with a new cloth & a strong cleaner/degreaser thoroughly clean off the tar & glue remover until all the glue has been removed.


Keep following these steps until all vinyl is removed.


  • Carefully follow the shape of the graphics to avoid tearing.
  • Always pull vinyl towards the starting point to avoid leaving glue behind.